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will1Dear Jada,

You always seem to have relationship advice for us common folk. You sit on your self-constructed pedestal, dishing out unsolicited advice about how to maintain happy, healthy relationships, often using your relationship with Will Smith as the epitome of the ideal relationship. Granted you often talk about the ups and down of your relationship and lessons learned as a result. However, you often sound like you’ve gotten it all figured out; like you’re the guru of relationships.

And so, I have to ask. How do you feel about your husband cavorting with a hot, Caucasian, 23-year-old vixen who is half your age? How did you feel when you saw the pictures of her – Margot Robbie, flashing her brassiere, posing provocatively next to a bare-chested Will?

Dear Jada, how do you intend to handle this situation? Don’t tell me you’re already considering going the divorce route. No? Then why were you recently spotted without your wedding ring?

What advice would you give yourself during this trying time in your relationship? Forgiveness and understanding seem to be recurrent themes in a lot of the advice you give. Will you practice what you preach in your current situation? What’s it gonna be Jada? Are you you gonna take your own advice?

With much respect.



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