The new angle in Entertainment!



Did anyone else hear about Beiber trying to leave a brothel in Brazil covered in a bed sheet? The covert exit may have been pulled off successfully if a fan hadn’t spotted his tatooed arm as the popstar walked under his sheet which he most likely wished at the moment was an invisibility cloak.His security guided him into a car that took him away from the brothel where he allegedly spent 3 hours,while two ladies from the same spot were taken in another vehicle to his hotel room. Claims emerged that Justin Beiber thought it was a gentlemen’s club that he had gone to(yeah Beibs,and you spent 3 hours there,doing what? Trying to find your way out when you realized you were in a whorehouse?)


The popstar earlier on ended his show abruptly by storming off the stage because a bottle of water hit the microphone out of his hand as he entertained the multitude of teenagers in attendance.The fans waited to hear Justin’s hit single ‘Baby’ and after the 30 minute wait realized that he was long gone and the show was over. We really should invite Beiber to Lagos and see if he pulls such a stunt,it’ll only be right that we encourage the teenagers to charge over the stage and back to grab his little white a**,drag him back and bully him into finishing the show.



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