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Ciara - pic1‘Why do good girls like bad guys?’ This was a popular song by DMX that attempted to explain this enigmatic question. Ciara’s recent engagement to bad-boy hip hop star, Future leads us to ask this same question.

The couple got engaged this past weekend, after Future proposed to Cici with a 15-carat Emerald multi-stone diamond ring! She sure looks happy! I mean, duh, right? What girl wouldn’t be happy with all that bling?

As my grandma used to say, “A wedding lasts for a day, but a marriage is supposed to last for a lifetime.’ Will Ciara’s marriage to Future last a lifetime? I mean, we’re happy for her and all. But we just have to ask. Because Ciara has a history of failed relationships with rappers. First there was Bow Wow, Then 50 Cent. Now…it’s Future. And she’s actually planning on marrying him! She’s such a sweet southern girl. C’mon. I KNOW she can do better than marry a whack-ass, dead-beat rapper. It’s so ridiculous.

But anyways. We wish her well I guess.


Ciara Pic 2The 2013 BET Awards

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