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The reason that has been presented to fans of 50 Shades, for Charlie Hunnam’s exit from playing the role is his tight TV schedule as the lead role in Sons of Anarchy. But then again one must wonder if the negative response to the news of him playing the role of Christian Grey got him to back out of the movie adaptation,as fans were more furious at Hunnam as a choice than Ben Affleck as Batman. With more significance being placed on looks and on screen charm, fans seem to feel that Charlie Hunnam isn’t good looking enough to be graced with the privilege of playing the young and seductive millionaire,Christian Grey from the novel. Regardless of how decent an actor Hunnam obviously is on Sons of Anarchy, they are delighted at the news of his exit from the movie. Other characters said to be in the race for the role include Alexander Skarsgard(Eric Northman from TrueBlood) and Matt Bomer( the guy from White Collar).

article-2458476-18BA0CA100000578-219_196x624 Alexander Skarsgard

article-2458476-18BA0C9700000578-311_634x803 Matt Bomer

This is my issue with it, no one cares about art anymore, the superficial is always the most significant. Isn’t it more important to cast an actor who is more guaranteed to bring the Grey character to life, and not just some pretty boy on Vampire Diaries who keeps overdoing the sarcastic facial expressions to the point of inability to keep a straight face for even a second? Hunnam may actually nail the role,(if they can dye all the blond facial hair) but nooooo, 17 year old girls want to see Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev prancing around in the movie adaptation. If it ever comes to that I’d recommend they pick an actor from these 3 prestigious Oscar deserving thespians.

jim-iyke-yeoal1 Jim Iyke

Ramsey-Noah Ramsey Noah

Mr-Ibu Mr Ibu

And if you do’t think Jim Iyke’s acting should earn him some consideration for the role,then clearly you haven’t seen his deliverance video.

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