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Amber before


It is with deep sorrow and terrible grief, that we bid farewell to one of the sexiest models that ever lived. No she is not dead. However, sexiness has departed from her being,which is tantamount to death in the superficial world of supermodels and celebrities.

Let’s have a moment of silence, as we look at the photo below and remember Amber Rose as she once was before her demise.

We all understand that pregnancy can take its toll on a woman’s body, and post-pregnancy weight can be difficult to lose. But that said, i hold celebrities to a higher standard! They have a responsibility to look fabulous at all times. Take for instance, Beyonce. That diva lost her baby weight in no time and snapped back to fabulous almost immediately. Take a few dieting tips from Mrs Carter, Amber!

Amber after

Moremi Amuta


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