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robber 1


Looks like this Bonnie is riding with a whole gang of Clydes. 34-year-old Chioma Ezekwesili fearlessly led a notorious gang of seven men into Bolatoto Hotel at Kola Bustop, Ijaiye, Lagos, in search  of their target who was said to have made 8 Million Naira from the sales of fertilizers and was lodging in the said hotel.

Unfortunately for the bandits, the police got a tip off and showed up before they made a getaway. This reminds me of that song “Ma Baker” by Boney M, about the bank robbing woman, only hers was a gang consisting of her sons.

Typically, when one hears stories about people being robbed by an all-male gang of robbers, first instincts are usually one of empathy and sympathy towards the robbery victims. But in cases like Chioma’s, where the robber kingpin is a female, people’s first instincts are typically that of awe, amusement, and glee (at least for some extreme feminists out there!)

Yeah… and I say this as i Jam to Beyonce’s “Who run the world (girls)” turned up to the loudest volume! And doing a crazy dance, and grinning like i just got my first rifle to join a cool new gang.

robber 2


Silvana Acho


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