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The most infuriating exit of all time has been taken by Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro who abducted,raped and tortured 3 women for 10years, as he was found hanging dead in his cell. Castro had evidently committed suicide with a bedsheet in his cell which was away from other inmates,under protective custody. He was also placed on suicide watch and was checked on every 30minutes up until June when he was perceived as ‘no threat to himself’.

The 53 year old kidnapper and rapist apparently served only 33days out of the 1000 years prison term he received from the judge, thereby robbing the victims and their families the satisfaction of facing justice and punishment for his monstrous acts.

The cowardly exit must come as a lethal blow to Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, the three women who spent a decade in Castro’s captivity under which he hurt them, and raped them. His suicide is an easy get away card from the series of severe punishment and suffering he deserves, and if the victims wished death upon him, it would be safe to assume they wish a slow,painful and insidious death on their kidnapper,because the willful and voluntary nature of suicide exempts the kidnapper from atonement.

The 3 victims have no choice at the moment, but to get some closure, and move on without the feeling of justice, despite the heartbreaking effect of his last slap in their faces.







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