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More tears shed every week and more cheers as well,as contestants either scale over the fence of eviction,or collide with it on Africa’s giant reality talent hunt show Glo X-Factor. The contest gets more intense by the week,naturally,seeing as 24Million Naira ($150,000) is no joke or figure to be taken lightly., and all the guns are being pulled out with regards to performances and vocal displays. Since the contestants got down to just 9, the SmoothBoiz got evicted first, while the 17 year old DNA twins left the show with grace 2 weeks ago, leaving 8 more to battle for the top spot.



The preceding week saw a passionate contest for survival featuring Ankaraboi and the Symphony boys,who had to face the judges and  their ultimate decision making power as to who gets saved and who goes home.

DSC_9981_716glo VSDSC_0060_422glo


While Reggie favoured his boys(Symphony), and Onyeka stood by hers (Ankaraboi), M.I had the final vote to determine their fates. He remarked that Ankaraboi came in with an air of defeat and had lost the fight in him,thus urging him to save Symphony,while Ankaraboi met the conclusion of his X-Factor journey.

The rest of the contestants charged into the performance shows with a vengeance, and a view to hold down their spots with no risk of eviction.Nevertheless, 1 more contestant leaves the show tomorrow, after another survival performance session before the judges. The 2 contestants to be subjected to the performances are those with the least votes from last week. Afterwards,the voting process resumes on Saturday at 8pm.So who moves forward,and who’s journey ends this weekend?

The contestants left in the show are as follows:


The pretty Ghanaian lady with a soft and superb voice,plus all of Onyeka Onwenu’s admiration. Voting code-501.


a.k.a Vicky the voice.Her strong voice rings through the entire X-factor arena as she applies sublte but catchy theatrics in her performances. Voting code-503




The ladies’ man who keeps the screams from the crowd at a constant high,he pulled off a dramatic performance worthy of broadway last weekend,and we look forward what comes this time. Voting code-505


DjSwitch-DJ Switch

She’s the uniquely exciting contestant who debuted as a rapper,but switched her style into any form required to conquer her performances. She doesn’t seem to impress Onyeka much though,but is still determined to win every heart.Voting code-504



The most surprising of the contestants,she appears ordinary on stage at first and out of nowhere whips out  unbelievable energy with her vocals and gestures.Voting code 506



Saved last week,and gunning for the top spot since then,they are the trio with phenomenal vocals, and all the RnB outlook of stardom.Voting code-508


Broadcasting the result show tomorrow will be: AIT:5PM,AMC:7PM,VCHANNEL:7PM,STV:8:30PM and SOUNDCITY 8:30PM.

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