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20 year old Miley Cyrus whipped out the most outrageously raunchy dance moves during her Sunday performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards,that has left everyone unfortunate enough to have witnessed the chaotic display of lewdness in shocking disapproval. Miley donned latex underwear which she stripped down to from her initial outfit,and while joined by 36 year old husband of Paula Patton and father of one,Robin Thicke,she gyrated non-stop in a weirdly Rihanna-wannabelike manner and forcefully gave off every air of sexuality her body system could manage.

The crowd contained viewers of the performance who seemed awestruck at either the bravery of it,or the sheer tastelessness owning the spotlight at the event. Doubt it?…Check out the facial expressions on the faces of the Smiths.



Jaden and Willow Smith could not hide their horror at the unbelievable presentation.


The mission must have been to steal the thunder from the likes of Katy Perry and recently returned Lady Gaga,both of whom had performances at the show as well.It is safe to say that Miley succeeded. Various tweets were posted by a couple of celebrities who could not hold back their repulse.Here’s the one from Nick Cannon Below.



Miley’s signature involving her tongue hanging out as if bored of interior confinements was not left out of her risque display. She can also be seen fondling the genital area of the 36 year old Robin Thicke.



Check out the full clip below.


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