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20 year old Michael Brandon Hill, today stormed into an elementary school in Atlanta with an AK-47, taking a secretary in the front office hostage, demanding that she calls an Atlanta TV station,for their filming presence as he shoots policemen dead.

The officers arrived at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur, Georgia exchanging gun fire with Hill, who fired off over half a dozen rounds at officers.

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The police SWAT team and bomb squads feared that Hill might have planted bombs in his car in the parking lot of the school. They detonated a controlled blast in the trunk of the car and evacuated the the neighborhood around his nearby house before entering to search for more weapons and bombs.

Michael Hill eventually surrendered and the shooting resulted in no injuries.

Students were evacuated through the back of the elementary school as policemen were concerned that the gunman’s car could be rigged to explode and kill students if they fled through the front exit.

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Firefighters cut a hole in the fence at the back of the school property where students had to run through to escape the school and from there, were taken by bus, to Wal-Mart parking Lot, two miles away from the scene where dozens of parents frantically searched for their children.

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