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They say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, so it’s usually not anomalous to hear about a scorned male lover pouring acid/corrosive substances on their female significant other. However, it’s rare to find a female going crazy on a guy with some boiling liquid. Victoria Alonge has generously offered proof that it is not so rare after all.

Victoria Alonge, 25, was on Monday sentenced to one year in prison by a Karu, Abuja Senior Magistrate Court for pouring hot oil on her boyfriend, Roland Nna, because he refused to marry her. In her defense, Alonge told the court that her estranged lover dated her for over four years and promised to marry her, only for him to change his mind after falling in love with another woman. Yikes!

I know some extreme feminists may be pumping their fists in the air right now, chanting the “two can play that game” mantra – If these men can pour hot oil/acid on our faces, then so can we!

More significantly is the scorn behind the action,the refusal to marry her. This should scare guys into watching how much and far they lead women on,without any intentions for the future. It is apparent that ladies ‘aint having it no more’,you lead me on and dump me…..then you are going to get a burning bath.

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