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A  shocking story reveals that the U.S army inadvertently had  an 8 year old Yemeni boy, turn into a spy to place an electronic device on his surrogate father, Adren al-Qadhi, inorder to kill him in a scheduled drone attack.

The Atlantic, claims that the boy, Barq al-kulyabi ,helped lead the Americans to an al-Queda operative named Adren al-Qadhi, who had been placed on the U.S kill list due to his involvement and role in the Yemeni branch of the terrorist Organization.

How Barq ended as a spy started when his father and mother who lived in Sanaa sent him away to live with a wealthier distant relative in a smaller town of Bayt al-Ahmar, where al-Qadhi lived. Al-Qadhi, took pity on him and took him into his home to live with his family, giving him(Barq) shelter, food and education.

The father of Barq, Hafizallah al-kulaybi , worked with ‘The Republician Guard (an elite faction of the country’s military who had worked with U.S forces in the past in order to help locate terrorist), but unknown to Barq and his father, the U.S had called upon the Republican Guard to help them locate Qadhi.

Some members of the republician guard who knew that Barq’s biological father , Kulayi, needed money and that Barq was cared for by Al-Qadhi, offered to give the family a new house, car and 50,000 Yemeni  iyals which converts to 230  dollars.

Kulaybi struck a deal with them and further drive from Sanna to Bayt al-Ahmar which was only a few miles away,to pick his son.

The Atlantic reported that Barq who was thrilled at reuniting with his family was taken by his father to a meeting with the republican Guard Officials where he was taught how to activate the electronic chip and warned not to let Al-Qadhi know about anything.

Kulaybi drove his son back to Bayt al-Ahmar where the print-sized spy re-established contact with his surrogate father and made his move.

The device was planted on the coat of Al-Qadhi as confessed by Barq, the strike was ordered and stroked on Qadhi and his colleague as they were driving.

It is alleged that White House Officials denied the version of events on the issue of recruiting an 8 year old boy to do their dirty work.

While U.S got their target, Barq and his father were captured and forced to make a confession video where they explained which republican guard they spoke to and their roles in the set up.

According to local sources, Kulaybi  was executed and Barq was spared by the Qadhi  terrorist organisation because they claim his father took advantage of his innocence.




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