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BARKER KG 120813


I thought prison was supposed to be a place where people are kept so they suffer and hate their lives enough to regret the crimes they committed.

For Sonny Barker and Korrel kennedy, life behind bars in the U.K as seen in the above photo seems to be like a holiday inn with guests casually serving time chilling.

Serving time may not be so bad for the felons, with a cell equipped with a T.V,Play Station,a fridge, and of course no tax and free food. A homeless individual who has hit rock bottom may as well just break bad and commit a crime to get checked into this nice spot with all this recreation.

Sonny Barker,20,who was jailed for 8years after he held a mother and daughter at knife point in their home during a burglary, smuggled a phone into his cell at HMP Rochester,a category-C young offender Institution in Kent and shows off his cushy surrounding with his cell roommate(Korrel Kennedy) on Facebook(now that’s something you don’t see or hear everyday,…live updates from jail).

Funny how it seems that prisoners are receiving better care than pensioners, these inmates can regard sentences as a mere long term holiday with boring relatives and no freedom to go outside.Is the whole point of being punished being defeated?

Silvana Acho


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