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It must have been quite a fright for onlookers who encountered this Lady during one of her states of being Gaga,as she stepped out wearing make-up similar to the creepy paint jpb displayed on the Album Cover art of her forthcoming album “Artpop”.


Gaga has dropped her much anticipated single ‘Applause’ today,which was due out next Monday,but as leaks would have it,the single was released today. Heading to an appearance on E!, Gaga donned a gothic style ensemble consisting a black top and blazer with black pleated skirt and lace up ankle boots.

The Monday look by Gaga comes just hours after her Sunday night display of her derriere through a transparent body suit,and lets not forget strolling out of a gay bar in just a bra and skirt.



The single ‘Applause’ is said by some to be beneath the expectation that Gaga fans and the few “Little Monsters” who are brave enough to admit it waited in. On a scale with Born this way and Bad Romance in line for comparisons,the new track is not so deserving of much applause, says some.

Click below to listen.

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