The new angle in Entertainment!




So, our favorite Big Brother Africa housemate, Beverly Osu, has made history by being the only Big Brother Africa contestant to have never been nominated for eviction since the show’s inception in 2003.

Is there some sort of westernization of Nigerian cultural values,like youthful acts formerly viewed as a taboo back in the days, seem to be more acceptable these days; although most times, this acceptability is implicit.

After all the hoopla surrounding Beverly and  Angelo’s late night steamy escapade in the BBA house, which was prominently aired on most gossip blogs, it was entertaining to read the plethora of comments made by readers. From my observation, it seemed as though most readers condemned her acts as despicable, calling her actions promiscuous and “Un-Nigerian.” On the other hand, a minority of readers actually lauded her actions.

One would have thought that after the barrage of disapproving viewpoints over her behavior, she would become unpopular. However, quite the opposite happened. Her popularity increased within the BBA house, as well as in the real world. And from the looks of things, she’s not going to be nominated or even evicted from the house anytime soon! And here’s why!:

We are in the age of Miley Cyrus. Rihanna. Tonto Dikeh. Now more than ever, we Nigerians are extremely comfortable with flaunting our sexuality. We’ve become desensitized to images and actions which we would have previously considered pornography.

Now more than ever, we are beginning to realize and accept the fact that we’re not puritans. We’re not saints. We love God and our respective religions. But we’re also comfortable with our sexuality. This dichotomy doesn’t make us any less Nigerian. It makes us more human.

In any case though,if she wins all that money,she can clean up her act and stand tall as a woman who did what it took to get what she wanted,but if she does not, the tragedy of it would revolve around the wasted display of loose conduct, all for nothing.



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