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RANT:We all need to chill about this Policeman and bribe issue.The reason is simple,as Nigerians,a system that tolerates bribes and backdoors is what we are used to. Question, if policemen don’t accept bribes then how in tarnation are we supposed to get away with driving without a license? The person who recorded the policeman while asking for bribe may have still settled the officer before being released by him. Considering the 25,000 Naira demand by the officer, the driver who did the recording probably committed an offence or at least, had incomplete papers, or no license. If he committed no offense or had complete papers,the policeman would not have had the audacity to propose a 25,000 Naira fine.The worst he would have done is asked for settlement.

So this ruckus about the policeman is so not necessary,and here’s why. If there was no mago mago in this Naija,most of us will not have driver’s licenses.Most of us will not have passports at the time we require them if there was no express,most of us will actually pay 25,000Naira for road offenses committed even though in ignorance.So with the flourishing system of “bribe and go free”, we have survived this society. For those in disagreement,next time you are caught driving without a license or breaking a traffic offence,brace yourselves for a 25k payment with a long police station process. But whatever you do….please always remember this…”Police is your friend”…Hehehe.

Watch the video below.


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