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Young Connor and Noah,ages 5 and 7 were strangled  to death while asleep by a 100 pound African Rock Python which escaped from the pet store beneath the apartment where they stayed the night.

The horrifying incident occurred in Campbellton,New Brunswick,Canada,at the Reptile Ocean, a pet store owned by Jean- Claude Savoie who lives above it.The store is  home to a veritable menagerie of exotic animals, including crocodiles, tarantulas, tortoises and at numerous snakes.

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As best friend to Connor and Noah’s mother, the young boys spent the night at his apartment,where they were asleep as the Python escaped it’s cage,slithered through an air vent above Savoie’s apartment and  fell through the ceiling. The snake is believed to have attacked the little boys,and crushed them to death.

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Mr Savoie said that he walked into the living room at 6:30am and found the brothers dead and the snake coiled in a hole nearby.

The animal loving kids were fond of the store and hung around the animals very often,as their mother lived right behind,says Mr Savoie,who has no clue as to how the snake made it out of it’s cage and through the ventilation ducts.As he entered the room he assumed they boys were asleep,until discovering the hole in the ceiling and then,the bodies of the little boys.

The snake has been captured and handed over to the Royal Canadian Police who are examining the creature and an  autopsy will be ran on the children to confirm the exact cause of  death.

Crimes Unit is investigating the case and will determine whether any criminal charges will be filed  against the owner.

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