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4year old Daniel Pelka died after sustaining massive blows to the head having suffered starvation and was seen on several occasions scavenging for food from bins in the final weeks of his life.He was said to have arrived school emaciated, with black eyes and a broken arm months before he was murdered by his parents.

Daniel’s mother,Magdelena Luczak and his step father ,Mariusz Krezole caused his death as they left him to die in his unheated room with the door handle removed so that Daniel could not get out,and for over 33 hours,he remained within the confinement after suffering a fatal head injury .

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Daniels teachers in School also claimed to have observed that he always had bruises around the neck and also grew thinner as days went by.He was further described as “ looking like an old man with sunken eyes and was also said to be desperate and lonely”. When his mother was contacted by the social service and queried on her son’s physical appearance, she denied any involvement in causes of his condition and offered stories of Daniel falling from a couch,and having an eating disorder.


The convicted killers; Magdelena Luczak and Mariusz Krezolek were found guilty of murder by a judge at Birmingham Crown Court and Investigations are still being made concerning why social services failed to  look into Daniel’s case after he had a broken arm and bruised body.

The pathologist who examined Daniel’s emaciated body found more than 20 separate areas of injury including a fatal swelling in the brain caused by heavy blow.

Magdalena Luczak apparently prioritized her use of cannabis,amphetamines,alcohol and deep love for Marius Krezolek over the welfare of her 4 year old son.



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