The new angle in Entertainment!




Walking round town with his shirt off,spitting out of a balcony on fans,pissing in a janitor’s bucket and disrespecting Clinton,and then drugs discovered on his tour bus. This teenage pop-star should probably be reserved for a wider list like say…Most annoying human on earth deserving of Iso incarceration with 20 lashings per day on his little white behind.If only being worth about $80Million could afford to buy a brain,the world would have been a better place living with this Beib in it.The human race is to be blamed for failure to discover a drug or operation method which prevents kids from growing up and remaining cute munchkins till eternity.At least Bieber would have still been a kid with a cool hairstyle sliding in a bowling alley and singing Baby,Baby,Baby to teenage girls……at least his music would have been all we had to hate.





Yes Miley,we are well aware that the Hannah Montana image is one that you are currently desperate to shed and drown in a pool of acid,considering the series of unfortunately lame attempts that infuriate those of us unlucky enough to stumble on a video or article about you. We really don’t care that Miley smokes a whole lot of pot and like Snoop Dogg,neither do we care that she thinks Jay Z was giving her a shoutout and encouraging her to ‘Twerk Miley Miley Miley twerk”…..We feel almost relieved that pretty boy Liam no longer has to contend with her.That knot if tied would be tagged by some as the worst ever celebrity pair. A few hateful traits of dear Miley are her voice,her expressions,and that awful manner of leaving her tongue hanging out like she has no clue that tongues stay on the inside generally(where’s a dognapper when you hope for one).Don’t even get me started on her videos and her dancing….urgh.Somebody abduct this kid and hold her for about a week without food,then toss her back into her lavish life of a stupid celebrity.





Weird thing about Rihanna is that we can’t help but love her still.Despite the sporadic acts of bad behavior,and the deep affinity for marijuana, she still rocks out at her concerts and makes good music(Yes I know she’s late sometimes). We can excuse Rihanna on some occasions,due to understanding that we don’t understand what is wrong with her,though to herself she seems to be cooling.Other times when she’s being a total B***H to a reporter or being a bad example to her teenage female fans,we may just find her somewhat annoying,and secretly nurture desires to see her trip on stage and fall on that forehead.





She used to be such a sweet kid on Nickelodeon,and now shes a raging banshee on twitter and a caucasian ogre in person.There’s only a few amount of celebrities who Amanda hasn’t called ugly,including Rihanna who she said got beat up by chris brown for being ugly.Amanada’s problems are increasing alarmingly,and while we worry for her and hope for better days,we cant ignore how annoying the former sweetheart is being.Hers may require getting whooped with a leather belt while she runs up to everyone she has insulted,apologizing in tears….at least that’s what I imagine is suitable punishment.


Chris Brown



Another celeb we hate to love. His beautiful singing and awesome dance moves wont stop us from remarking that 24 year old breezy is also pretty annoying,at least to his neighbours whose kids were scared of his creepy wall paintings on his house,or the lady who claimed he cursed her out after rear ending her Mercedes.Oh and Frank Ocean as well. But other than these few incidents,Chris is an Ace in our book.

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