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bus accident 3


It was a black Sunday for the Italians yesterday as a bus carrying about 50 passengers between Monteforte Irpino and Baiano in the southern region of Campania in Italy, lost control and slammed into several cars that slowed down in traffic, before smashing through guardrails and finally falling into a ravine. As the bus fell.Sections of concrete barriers which lay in large chunks in a clearing in a wooded area were torn away as the coach landed.

The bus was said to have carried 38 tourist and children returning home from an excursion when it lost control on the highway.

As the Rescue team, Fire fighters and Police hit the scene, attempts were made to rescue survivors amiss broken glass, smoke and terrifying screams.Wielding electric saws to look for survivors inside the mangled bus, the rescue team eventually pulled out 5 young children, alive and unharmed while several others unfortunately died.Their bodies,38 of them were pulled out from inside and underneath the wreckage before placing them into coffins at the scene.

The accident also had 11 people injured, with 2 among them in critical condition.

Most cars caught in the collision had their rears totally crumpled and some smashed at their sides.

The police said that the driver, for reasons still unknown, appeared to have lost control of the bus.

bus accident 2

bus accident 1


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