The new angle in Entertainment!



Gone are the days when celebrities flaunt their gold/platinum jewelry and diamonds on their teeth as an expression of how wealthy they are. Gone are the days when having the latest Mercedes or Porsche automatically gave you a boss status.

Today, Kimye has invented a new way of flaunting a high status quo – the construction of authentic gold toilets! It’s the ultimate symbol of limitless wealth, that you have so much money, you can even s***on it for fun!

Kimye is reportedly purchasing gold toilets for their new multi-million dollar Bel Air mansion.  Something tells me they’ll probably have raw silk scarves, moistened with bottles of Lambda (a $182-per-bottle brand of olive oil), which they will use as disposable baby wipes to wipe their a**es.

Kimye always has a way of making even the wealthiest of people look like paupers. Because apparently, if you don’t have a gold toilet in your house, then you’re just not rich enough.




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