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For many years,there have been several forms of dressing and grooming that seemed like the general concept of wearing clothes was heading to a point where the underwears are just….well…the wears. Female clothing has become increasingly revealing in modern day and some pieces of them seem like they are just glorified lingerie.Thus,i am personally thankful to Lady gaga for not bothering to wear some sort of torso bare shirt or blouse that will look like a bra…..and just wear a bra. I wont pretend like i’m some fashion guru and start making criticisms or commendations about the entire get-up,but in as much as the skirt and boots look nicely pulled-off,fact still remains….she’s wearing a bra. Must be 900 degrees in New York,right Gaga?



Naturally no one is volunteering to engage in the tasking attempt at comprehending the reason behind this wardrobe “function”( i choose not to include ‘mal”).



Again,i’m not even going to try to understand what she is doing here.Although she could actually just be chilling.She’s just….you know…Gaga.

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