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We longer require any random acts of youthful exuberance morphed into juvenile delinquency from our favorite controversy magnet pop star Justin Beiber, to conclude that the teenage millionaire needs (above anything else right now), a leash and a cage with holes big enough to drop tiny amounts of food into. Infuriating neighbors with his Ferrari and allegedly spitting on one did not satisfy 19 year old Beiber in his quest to winning the a**hole of the year trophy,no,he had to push misbehavior to the limits. This time,Justin decided that no lavatory was suitable enough for taking a leak as he was leaving a restaurant, and chose a mop bucket that stood nearby peacefully minding its already sad business. He mindlessly urinated into the mop bucket and left with the amused band of prats he calls friends. Imagine the cleaner who uses the mop bucket to tidy the floors of the club comes back to his tool, and knowing that he left it in good condition sticks the mop stick inside it and pulls it out,and as the mop goes splat on the floor, he sees and smells urine all over the mop threads and the floors. Yes, that’s how bad a day he is going to have, all thanks to the pop star. We can only hope that what went around will come around and this time come into his glass of lemonade or whatever else he may like to drink.

Click link below to watch the video. http://www.vibe.com/article/justin-bieber-caught-urinating-restaurant-kitchen-video

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