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Damon Dash used to be the other half of the multi-million dollar Roc-a-fella Records and Roca-wear, along with Jay-Z, until things went south and the duo split business ways. Since then Jay-Z has steadily climbed up the ladder of wealth and career blossom, as Dame Dash has been battling tax problems reaching debts rate of $2.8Million. He claims he is also indebted to the states on New York and New Jersey and has lost several properties to foreclosure. The government has now filed  a federal tax lien against Dash, who needs to pay up unpaid tax for the years 2005 and 2011.

It has been wondered by many, why the “Jigga man” has ignored his former partner’s financial struggle despite his net worth of about $500million, so much so that fellow hiphop act “The game” once stated in his lyrics addressed to jay-Z “Dame was your man, you are the number 1 on the forbes list,give the n***a a milli”.

Nevertheless,in his intro song of the album The Blueprint 3, Jay-Z stated, ‘Dame made millions Even Jaz made some scraps,he could’ve made more But he didn’t sign his contract.As far as street guys we was dealin’ crack,that’s just how the game goes I don’t owe nobody jack.

Guess that settles it then.


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