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Besides the typical outcomes of celebrity relationships,and the random falling in and out of love that has been known to be the superstar norm,some other factors may likely result in Kimye not making it to a happily ever after.

Kanye West,who has been finding it difficult  to crack a smile lately may have triggered assumptions that a break up might occur after the baby is born.Now little North west has arrived and the first time father must be overjoyed,but then again Yeezy seems to be going through an eerie phase,as can also be confirmed after a listen of his new album.The sounds,even though brilliant seem to give off an impression of a troubled soul trying to fight his interior battles with music.His new found indifference as to radio play and album sales makes us wonder if he may also lose the same spirit of dedication to Kim Kardashian.Just as the fleeting loss of respect for hiphop’s prime mogul Jay-Z,when Kanye mouthed off about “Suit and tie”.

Is he going to stick around and take fatherhood head on?or will he wake up one morning and feel like Kim and North deserve better as a father figure?(this excuse is very popular).Kim on the other hand may not be absent in the contribution of whatever may cause a split,who is to say she won’t start needing someone who’s head is screwed on tight.or maybe she’ll get bored,and feel like Kanye was just a phase during which her life needed to go “west”,and now her compass is indicating another direction.Primarily though,it is more likely that the failure to reach marriage by Kimye may be caused by Mr.West.The dark cloud that hovers above his somewhat intelligent head may serve as a reason to not tie a knot.Furthermore,his overwhelming level of arrogance and the new self acclaimed deity status that spurred him to write a song titled “I am God” may unsurprisingly  delude the rapper into percieving marriage as beneath him.Even more so,simply because it is what is expected of him and of man,his burning desire to be a renegading outcast in society will not permit him to “give into society’s expectations.


Oscar Okeke

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