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Catholic priest father Francois Murad, was gruesomely murdered on the 23rd of June In northern Syria, as confirmed by the official Vatican news. Speculations exist as to the manner of death of the priest, owing to the emergence of a video clip on the internet depicting the beheading of individuals among whom father Murad is suspected to be. The Vatican has linked the video reporting that Syrian terrorists have beheaded a catholic priest, accused of participating in the affairs of the Assad regime. The Syrian president Bashar Assad is being opposed by rebels in Syria and it is said that terrorists who abducted and killed the catholic priest suspect his involvement.

Another news agency reports that the monastery where Father Murad stayed was attacked by a group of militants tied to a jihadi group known as Jabhat al-Nusra. This group is claimed to be a front for the protection of the Syrian people, and in actuality an Al Qaeda connected organization regarded as the rebel force’s most thriving and vicious arm.

The horrifying video shows the figure perceived to be father Murad being decapitated with what appears to be a kitchen knife. The circumstances of the death remains unknown for now, though the demise of the priest has been certified.

priest 2


priest 3

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