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First came the stars tattoo, and then the social media insinuation of recreational use of marijuana.You may not think these are enough indicators that Ms Dikeh is looking to be a persona clone of Rihanna, but I think the tattoos alone where enough to start the overt desire to be like Rihanna. All who agree that this is just nothing short of pathetic please raise your hands and say ‘aye’…oh wow, there’s a whole lot of us, ok good, you can put your hands down now.

No one says you can’t pick an international celeb to serve as an icon with which you are going to shape yourself(seeing as you obviously possess no identity of your own,or choose to deny it), but the least you can do is ensure that your head(airy as it is) is in the game enough for you to be reckless. While Rihanna may be a weed loving 4:20 advocate, truth is that she still has her life and career on lock. Hard work never stops with Riri and being talented and appealing as she is goes a long way to preserve the significance of pop stars even though they live as wild cards. Tonto on the other hand is only relatively talented, as far as Nollywood movies(can’t believe I’m calling them movies) are concerned. Such a minimal level of talent and significance may not sustain a celebrity who is flirting with controversy and bathing in a pool of bad publicity. Personally I find her recent incidents silly and tasteless, and I mean tasteless as in even if you are getting bad press or drawing NDLEA attention with your weed posts, at least let them be interesting enough for us to applaud you as a renegade. Now she claims something about not being with a wrap of marijuana. Oh please….if you are going to be Rihanna’s doppelganger let us see a pic of you lighting up a jumbo. That’s what they call those big ones right?…..Jumbo?


Oscar Okeke

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