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Going for a wedding in the U.K? Want to spend a week shopping? Or just visit a loved one? Well you better set aside the £3000 you are going to pay to get into the U.K if you are from one of the countries that bear the tag “high risk” country. Examples of such countries are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ghana and of course the big bad wolf of countries ‘Nigeria’. The point of the slightly coercive £3000 requirement is to urge visitors to leave as soon as their visiting visa expires, and thereby ensuring the immigration system is more selective. The issue of overstaying by foreigners has inspired the British Immigration authority to place the £3000 price as a bond to be paid before entry into the U.K is granted and when the visitor is leaving in due time, the money will be returned. The scheme will launch in November. The targeted countries however, are those infamous for having high volumes of visitor visa applications and also abuse.
Can we all see the very many problems that come with being Nigerian? With all the Joy and pride in my heart at being from this wonderful land flowing with milk, and honey, I now need to set aside 3000pounds extra just to enter the U.K because I’m from Nigeria, after all the initial amount spent to get there in the first place. If na like dat, to sidon for here dey mind our business na him sure pass.

Oscar Okeke

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