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James Gandolfini. photo: Barry Wetcher

Emmy-award-winning actor, James Gandolfini, who has been described as the greatest actor television has ever seen, has died at age 51. According to several reports, he died suddenly while on vacation in Rome, Italy. The cause of death is reported to be a heart attack/stroke.

He was best known for his role as Tony Soprano on the popular HBO series, The Sopranos, where he played the role of a mafia boss who faced the dilemma of juggling family life with his career as mob boss. In addition to his successful television career, he also starred in a wide range of movies, including The Taking of Pelham 123, The Juror, A Civil Action, and many more outstanding movies.

Not only was he a stellar actor, he was also a great documentary producer and Broadway actor.

He will be terribly missed. David Chase’s (Soprano’s creator) sentiments aptly describe Gandolfini:

“He was a genius. Anyone who saw him even in the smallest of his performances knows that. He is one of the greatest actors of this, or any time.”



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