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Reality TV star Kim Kardashian who has lately been the world’s most photographed and talked about pregnant woman has finally dropped her bundle of joy,as she welcomed a baby girl on Saturday. The child birth was preceded by a series of excruciating events including a dreadful flight while the star was in agony due to pain in her stomach. During the harrowing experience of pain from her stomach, Kim repeatedly remarked that she is never getting pregnant again. The explained to her mother that she could hardly walk, and before the birth of her child,said she would literally slit her throat if labor was more painful than what she was experiencing.

The birth of Kim’s child came a few weeks before the anticipated date. Incidentally, Kanye’s “Yezzus” album leaked a couple of days ago before its June 18th scheduled release. Suffice it to say then, that Kanye’s child and album both leaked before release dates.






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