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I have always blamed Twilight, The Vampire Diaries and TruBlood for majority of nonsensical ideologies concerning vampires that have been embraced and somewhat viewed as romantic by many youths today,(especially Caucasian ones if I might add), but this particular individual seems to be far more religiously walking the path of her admired undead blood suckers. Her case therefore can be blamed on older versions of vampire stories, or just good old fashioned eccentricity

45 year old Julia Caples believes that drinking blood, an act she has engaged in for over 3decades, keeps her young and healthy. Despite being aware that blood is not entirely nutritious, she strongly believes that it may have positive effects that we all are yet to discover.

Blood donors willingly permit her to drink from them, being vampire fans themselves. They visit her local occult and oddities store, where she pricks them with a sterilized needle, and just sips away. Caples is a mother of 2 who’s ex-husband equally practiced the blood drinking up until their first child was born and he quit, in order to focus on parenting. That makes some sense seeing as raising a child that watches you drink that red liquid that leaks out of him whenever something sharp gives him a cut, will not exactly be a day’s job. Such a child will be inevitably destined for some major therapy.

The blood guzzling Julia lives happily with her addiction to ‘people juice’. It has been over 30 years since she began the act, and has thankfully kept it as her only vampire-like lifestyle. At least she does not sleep in a coffin, or stay indoors until sundown, or shriek at the sight of a crucifix.  But just don’t invite her to your party unless you are serving a red drink that is neither punch nor wine.




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