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15 year old daughter of late king of pop Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital right about 2am on Wednesday morning after what was assumed to be a suicide attempt. Series of cuts were discovered on Paris Jackson’s wrists and it appeared she had suffered a drug overdose. This would obviously seem like an attempt at one’s life, except we when consider that one small act of calling a helpline whereby whoever is on the other end of the line would call and ambulance to get to you. This was the case with Paris, who was reportedly conscious and docile as she was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital.

Members of the Jackson family expressed gratitude for the concern shown to Paris by everyone and assured that she was in good condition and receiving the proper medical attention, though nothing was said as to the nature of the supposed suicide attempt. Paris was said to be acting strangely lately and posting twitter messages suggesting a dark state of mind, and even going as far as calling the late rocker Kurt Cobain ‘Jesus”(Cobain committed suicide in 1994). One more relevant piece of information is the fact that she was denied permission to attend a Marilyn Manson concert on a school night, and she furiously entered her room and slammed the door. Guess she chose to put some theatrics in her reaction.

Suicide is a serious matter and thus we are not going to make any evil jokes about it, but then again it is safe to say this was not a suicide attempt. It was a 15 year old white girl who has Michael Jackson’s blood running through her veins, of course she would cry for attention, which she is getting by the way, I mean I’m writing this, and you are reading it. Nice one Paris.parispic2


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