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Amanda Bynes was once a sweet young lady who we loved to have watched in a movie like “She’s The Man”, and the star has lived a life not so over the radar, until recently. The 27 year old blonde has been involved in charges on driving under the influence, she has been photographed lighting up a funny looking object to smoke, she recently got a visit from the cops, arresting her for possession of marijuana(in which incident she flipped out and started acting crazy). No that’s not all, she also recently threatened to sue her parents who she accused of money laundering and stated she would rather have them homeless than living off her…..yikes!!! Now our darling disturbed Amanda took a troubleshooting rifle, walked into the gun range, which was Twitter, and aimed her weapon, her target, none other than superstar singer Rihanna (who incidentally has been known to have a similar affinity for marijuana as Amanda does). Amanda tweeted that Rihanna is ugly and trying to be white, then further wrote that Chris brown beat her up because she is not so pretty (is this chic kidding me?).

Rihanna responded to this by tweeting “Ya see what happens when they cancel Intervention”, and to this Amanda kept raging about how she doesn’t do drugs, oh and apparently she almost named her new dog Rihanna.

Very troubled young woman if you ask me. Too bad celebrity squabbles like this rarely ever escalate to the point where one party confronts the other and they just throw down. What I would give to watch these two young women tugging at each other’s hair and clothes.

bynes bynes 2


bynes 3


Oscar Okeke

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