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Is it possible that Lil Twist has fallen from the ‘wingman’ status to the ‘pump my gas’ status in the eyes of his pal, 19 year old Justin Beiber? In the event that this is the case, our next question would be ‘could it be because Lil Twist drove Justin’s Ferrari a couple of months ago and incurred damages of about $10,000? Or could this just be a minimal display of the cockiness hard wired in the attitude of the new Bieber who recently swims in a wide pool of controversies? The one who spat at a neighbor, tried to attack a photographer , oh and kept the youths in Dubai waiting 3hours for his appearance on a school night.


This scene with Lil Twist filling up the Girlfriend singer’s Ferrari could have resulted from any of these above reasons, or it could have easily just been a friend helping his buddy out in filling the gas while he just sits pretty in the exotic car………No???….yeah I did not think so either.


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