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Recent incidents of bad behavior exhibited by the 19 year old Justin Beiber serve as proof that the  Canadian singer is undergoing a transformation from cute little Baby singer, to teenage controversy magnet. It seems like the Canadian popstar can not take a breath without stirring up some trouble these days, from attacking a photographer, to arriving late for a concert, and then writing a distasteful message in a guestbook for a celebrated icon. Now it has extended to having his all blacked out tour bus raided by the police while he was performing in Stockholm, Sweden. The local police claim to have smelled cannabis coming from the tour bus, and after raiding the vehicle they found a small amount of drugs, and a stun gun.

The discovery of the drugs will not be pinned on anyone as the authorities have no clue as to ownership of them, but you and I being the scandal loving amebos that we are know that it’s this yeye boy’s own.


This is looking like it is going to be another tale of a child star gone gaga. Someone should probably tuck Justin into bed one night, and for bedtime stories, entertain him with tales about the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Macaulay Culkin and of course Michael Jackson, and let’s all hope he won’t wake up one morning and discover that the amount of ”Beliebers” he has left is only enough to fill up his tour bus.


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