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i hate mondays 2

Monday, dear Monday, how you cause me to cry,

If you were human Monday, I’d stand stare, and watch you die.

When expelled from thought, you exit my mind,

But you return in a flash, to ruin every  joy I find.

The moment you arrive, and I behold your sight,

My skin crawls with repulse, and my heart beats with fright.

Your presence causes me to whimper and my spirit to be sore,

One hour is lengthy, and to vanquish you takes twenty-four.

Do you feel no love? Have you no heart?

Do you enjoy seeing me weep and tear myself apart?

Is this all jealousy?…….do you feel  despair?

When you look upon me and Friday, and see the love we share?

Yes you despise the weekends, I’ve been aware for a while,


But they are 3 innocent friends who love to make me smile.

i hate mondays

Unlike you Monday, you bring only anxiety and gloom,

I curse your very existence and anticipate your doom.

Although sometimes you bring promises and hope,

And you make way for opportunities when you are not choking me with a rope.

I long for the moment when your treachery will end,

Unless we withdraw enmity and I can call you a friend.

But for now I plot, plot vengeance against you,

I’ll attain success and wealth, and only what I please shall I do,

My success will spread wide and it shall run deep,

So when you arrive Monday, you shall stand, stare and watch me sleep.

Oscar Okeke.

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