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Blade runner Oscar Pistorius with girlfriend

Blade runner Oscar Pistorius with girlfriend

Don’t you just love this modern world we live in, where a man accused of murdering his girlfriend is seen having the time of his life and flirting with ladies in a club like everything is all good.  This is  the recent behavior of Oscar Pistorius  that has left people in shock at the lack of remorse shown, whether or not the killing of his girlfriend was intentional or not. He was seen at a club with a friend and bodyguards and openly flirting with a couple of women.

Oscar Pistorius in Court

Its possible that he just felt like hanging out and pretending like his life wasn’t in this present mess, or then again even if a man killed his girlfriend, does it mean he shouldn’t go out and have a good time? Yes killing someone is a crime, but going out for drinks after doing so is not. Despite the unbelieveably  insufferable attitude that his actions show, he was probably just in the mood to put on his dancing shoes….sorry “legs”, and then just go have fun. And yes he flirted with some ladies, well in the girlfriend department, he kind of needs a new one…..Abi?…….I’m just saying.

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