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They are calling it the most atrocious act committed on U.S soil since 9/11. The bombings that occurred around the finish line of the Boston marathon just yesterday, left about 140 victims critically injured and 3 dead. Among those identified dead, is an 8year old boy named Martin Richard who approached the finish line to give his father a hug as he completed the run. Surgeons have described the injuries of the victims as being the sort that results from combat. Authorities have been in search of a dark skinned man who was seen carrying a backpack, and is now under suspicion of detonating the bombs.  A picture was posted on Twitter afterwards depicting a mysterious man standing on a rooftop where it seems he would have watched the catastrophe unfold. The explosives have been identified as being small and most likely homemade.

boston 2

President Obama has vowed that the individuals or group responsible will “feel the full weight of justice”.



By: Oscar Okeke

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