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If someone ever gave Rick Ross a list with a caption saying “10 FOOLISH THINGS YOU MUST NOT DO AS A CELEBRITY” then maybe by now he would still be a spokesperson for Reebok Classic Wear, because it would be stated clearly as #1 that you should never glorify drugging and raping a woman in your lyrics.

Apparently the MMG boss did not feel like there was anything remotely wrong with rapping about such in his song, as he describes taking a woman home and drugging her drink, then raping her afterwards. Sadly the Reebok Company had their customers protesting against the lyrics by the rapper saying that he glorified date rape, and thus, Reebok should drop him. The company even though stating that they know that Rozay does not condone such practices, maintained that its best for their customer’s interests if he is actually dropped. Furthermore Rick Ross on his part does not seem to understand the gravity of the situation.

Na their own be that, so now make I talk my own, Rozay really should have known better, and such lyrics contribute to why some classes of people in the world think that the hip hop community is ignorant and barbaric. Why wouldn’t they? When Mr Maybach Belly here is proudly stating that he violated a woman after drugging her. Yes Rick we know she may not have been aroused by your physique but did you have to go that far, and again, why advertise it to us, it is bad enough some of us have to contend with your lyrics that are filled  with talk about luxuries that you preach while other rappers buy, now you included perversion, and lost Reebok, nice going. HUHN!!!!!!!

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