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It is a sad but known fact that RayJ is the one reason we all know and love Kim Kardashian, due to that lovely homemade video that i can’t wait for Kim’s child to watch.. But it seems that this boy has refused to let go of that one factor that he has seen is the only one that will keep him significant in this modern world. With the release of his new single ‘I hit it first’, RayJ is once again reminding us, and by “us” I mean you, me and Mr.West, that he was the first on the Kim scene way before the “college dropout” entered the picture. In the song lyrics, RayJ states that he tapped that a** to the north and south, but now she has gone “WEST”, well that’s a remarkable observation Mr.J, we thought you were too blind to notice she has moved on, seeing as your name is actually “RAY”. By the way, with this stubborn refusal to let go of this issue I’m starting to wonder about Kim, like is she really that??……..*clears throat*,
lucky Kanye then.
The song “I hit it first” also serves as a reminder as to why RayJ went from Rap to R’N’B back in the day, and it’s still a fact that the only thing dear Brandy’s bro should be rapping is his career in bandage to be mummified.
So, Mr.J please move on. And to Kanye, just in case, chairman no go vex oh, cos last last na the guy nack am first…….i’m just saying.

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