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We feel so relieved that Chris Brown has finally realized that the battery of his then girlfriend Rihanna, back in 2009, was wrong. Has anyone else noticed that this is 2013?

Grammys -Chris Brown and Rihanna

Breezy told Matt Lauer on the Today show, that he did 52 weeks of counseling and had time to think about what he had done, realizing that it was wrong. Oh, there was a time when it seemed right? He has promised that he has turned away from domestic violence as he is becoming a man, and has also promised that such a thing will never happen again. Yes Chris, at least not to Rihanna of this modern day who seems like she just might take you on if provoked in one of her intoxicated states. The singer went further to say he won Riri back by accepting full responsibility and admitting the attack was fully his fault. Okay now I’m confused, was there any part of the report stating that Rihanna gave him a hand in beating her up? I’m just asking.

battered Rihanna

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