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Nigeria recorded the second highest YouTube figures in terms of usage in the Sub-Saharan Africa in 2012, a statement from Google Nigeria said on Monday.

Music videos and Nollywood movies, according to the statement, are most viewed videos.

Google’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager, West Africa, Mr. Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, said that the Internet was having a profound effect on the way Nigerians did business, searched for information, enjoyed and shared entertainment.

In 2012, number of views in Nigeria grew by 125 per cent, making Nigeria the country with the second highest viewership growth in sub-Saharan Africa.


According to the new figures, which place Ghana in the top position with 140 per cent viewership growth, Nigeria is ahead of the other sub-Saharan African countries with their local YouTube domains such as Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and Senegal.

, “Nigerians have embraced YouTube, creating and watching locally created and relevant content in the different local languages. They are part of a highly connected global community that uploads 72 hours of video every minute and watches four billion hours of video a month.” Kola-Ogunlade said

YouTube has also made it possible for people with great ideas, creative streaks, and next-to-no budget to turn their ideas into compelling videos that can both attract a global following and even millions of views.

In 2012, seven of the top 10 most viewed YouTube videos in Nigeria were by Nigerian musicians.

He said, “Increasingly, we’re talking about everyone on YouTube as ‘creators’. ‘Creators’ can make money from their YouTube videos if they opt-in to monetisation in their YouTube accounts.

“People are given this option in their accounts if their accounts are in good standing and they are making original content.”



Credits: Punch



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