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Goldie Harvey

  Goldie Harvey

The first thing you need to know is that I never met Goldie.

But I will admit, there was something about her that stood out from day 1. That is why I remember her first video whose title I forget, with those knee-high boots kicking in the air, her friend Denrele was in the background practicing his vibrant hairography and making funny faces. I wasn’t impressed at all, I loved Denrele, but who was this confident afro-blondie talking like she owned the world? I watched till the end of the song… her name was Goldie.

The next time I saw her, she was playing a dominatrix of sorts with Eldee and Yvonne Ekwere [Vixen] in a video I was entertained and impressed by.  ‘You Know it’ stuck in my head for a long while and face it, nobody was doing this, exploring femininity in an overtly sexual form. Other videos followed and I had gotten used to seeing her in classic amazon form, not singing and cowering to the man, but playing with all she had as an equal with every right to be what she wanted to be.

Goldie was a trendsetter, nobody had the gall to put on garters and lace and strut about in a whip until she came on, now almost every young Nigerian female musical act is trying to represent some modicum of edginess. .

Then came Big Brother Africa and Goldie introduced us to her emotional side. She was the love wrought female, fighting with her emotions, entertaining and repulsing us at the same time. By the time she left, I stopped watching Big Brother, I don’t even remember the name of the winner.

Since then, Goldie metamorphosed into one of Nigeria’s biggest celebrities in her own right and she worked her butt off for everything we saw.  From her videos, to her interviews to her trip to the Grammy’s this girl had a vision and she was getting there no matter what anyone said. She understood her vocal limitations and gave her best to compensate for it by improving her sound and making sure the lyrics and the videos were irresistible.

With her upcoming work, Goldie seemed to be leaving the bizarre shock-factor route to ease into a sexier female persona.  In a recent interview with MTVBase, Goldie explained what she meant when she talked about feeling sexy, “It means that I can go out there and take on the world. You know when you feel sexy, you feel in control. You feel that no-one can touch you unless you want to be touched and you just feel like there’s something about you that people around you want to be a part of.” This pretty much sums up the dynamic, untouchable persona that was.

Rest In Peace Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey, there was and always will be only one GOLDIE.

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